Patti Miller

Patti Miller - is a photographer from the NorthWest quadrant of the United States. She’s an avid music buff, beat fanatic and avant-garde photo junkie. She’s responsible for DevonWho’s Perfect Strangers Vol. 2 album artwork and her photography credits include capturing images of producers Knxwledge, D33J, DJAO, Anenon and Plug Research’s Sonnymoon, among others. For Marinate she’s put together collages for PHIL Gerus’s Marinate Mix as well as for Constrobuz’s upcoming Marinate Mix.

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Stacy - Portland producer, cloud rap affiliated, hip-hop aficionado - Work featured in Hearing Gold, Smoke Don’t Smoke, Potholes In My Blog - @destroystacy. Zach Fultz has worked with West Coast emcees Alexander Spit and ANTWON. With Marinate Fultz (Stacy) dropped his debut EP Restless. The six-track debut features a collaboration with Potholes Music’s Black Noi$e and a remix of Alexander Spit’s “Facemelter”. Before working w/ Marinate the producer collaborated w/ several rappers and worked at remixing tracks into his brand of atmospheric hip-hop.   

Paul Smith

Paul Smith - Glasgow graphic designer / illustrator, techno, hip-hop and jazz lover - Work featured in WLD/WLVS & The Skinny Magazine —@100thIdiot. His collaborations with Marinate Media includes mix covers for RIMAR, Sweater Beats, Ta-ku, Nefarious! and Freddie Joachim. He’s also responsible for the cover art for Chicago producer Bengfang’s upcoming EP Imperial Grade w/ Marinate. Before Marinate he’s been known for creating various album covers, show flyers, logo development and freelance art projects.

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Jeff Rochester

South Carolina graphic designer, skateboarder, Jazz, Hip-hop fiend - Work featured in STUPID DOPE & Flavorwire@televista. Jeff is responsible for creating Marinate Media’s logo—the gorgeous orange and brown eye candy at the top of the page. His art for Marinate includes mix covers for The Blank, R.T.S., Blithe Field, Stewrat, Beat Culture and Giraffage. Before collaborating w/ Marinate he focused his efforts re-purposing, remixing iconic album covers into something wholly original by adopting a less-is-more attitude.

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